Before and after photos of hair replacement systems

Our solutions allow you to solve the aesthetic problems due to hair loss, with efficient and customized treatments. Therefore, we propose several systems and materials designed and built specifically for that personal problem, going to fit completely on the person in order to have a natural and lasting final result that meets the initial expectations.

The care of the details is essential for the construction of a hair prosthesis and it is this that allows to obtain a maximum level aesthetic result. For this we give the utmost importance to the initial consultation, which is the prerequisite for the realization of the right cast, the selection of the correct parameters and all of the most suitable anchoring techniques, just as it is essential to establish from the outset the type of hair that you will use for the customer life style.

In this section we have collected some photographs that clearly illustrate the before and after of our integrations, with a brief overview about the materials used in the various cases which indicate the effectiveness of our applications on real people who have chosen to trust us.

Partial Hair Prosthesis of ultra thin film

Total Hair Prosthesis of medium thickness

Hair Prosthesis for man

Hair Prosthesis Dermo 2010

Hair Prosthesis – different types

Let us show you the high-quality variety of options available in our centre, we take the time to answer to your question and find the better solution for a more comfortable, natural you.

Solve now your aesthetics hair problem get in touch with the HRS centre next to you

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