Hair System Customer Testimonials

Hair System Customer Testimonials

For us it is important to ensure the maximum privacy of our customers, because we know what the hair loss problem is personal and delicate both for men and women.

But we also know that every witness is a valuable contribution to help those in need to find an aesthetic solution that allows to find the serenity and security in everyday life, because to feel good you must first of all be in harmony with yourself.

For this we have collected on this page some of the Hair System Customer Testimonials: spontaneous reviews that our clients have wanted to send, and that we report anonymously.

Alex from Berlin

Hi Anja,
the virgin hair is fabulous! Never had such a good quality! After several months they are still shiny and smooth and the color is still the same ... WOW !

Francesco, 29 years old

After installation of the prosthesis and the cut I got home, my mother with tears in her eyes she could not believe the result achieved, thanks a lot for his part

Giorgio from Florence

I'm really pleased to have found a competent and honest company like yours, after years of trying with other companies

Thuli from Johannesburg

Ooh I'm telling you my friend I was so sceptic about your hair, because I never bought from a white company before. Now I'm so happy that I did it! It is worth to let them come from Europe! Thank you my love  🙂

Melanie aus Hanover

Liebe Anja, dank dir habe ich nach Jahren endlich mein perfektes Haarteil Modell gefunden!

Enza from Catania

Veronica Thanks for putting me in touch with the kind MrPaolo in name and in fact very nice person where he was very careful to explain everything there is to understand regarding a prosthesis without having to ask a question I ... I only regret being too far away and see the product for yourself ... As I said the person kind and attentive throughout is very friendly and helpful people so especially in this sector there are few ... I urge people to talk to him and realize and who can go by his company to me sorry nn to do and in any case the prices do not seem rather excessive source: forum for women, after consulting hair prosthesis

Alessandro from Verona

Hello Paolo, I was in Varese for the installation and the cutting plant, Gianni has run seamless integration, a true professional in the field, your implants in virgin European hair is as always of the highest quality

Roberto from Arezzo

When I saw the video on your website I thought about some trick, but it's amazingly true, Dermo 2010 was indistinguishable from a real scalp also from a few cm. In over 10 years of use of hair implants I had never seen anything like it, congratulations.

Manuel from Turin

So glad I found you, in addition to the perfect aesthetic result, you do not take advantage of others' suffering

Marco from Rome

Dear HRS, thank you for the courtesy and the professionalism demonstrated by all of your team


Before I met you spend big bucks for slipcovers, your systems as well as having beautiful hair, they are thin, it seems to have nothing in my head, thank you, thank you, thanks

Maria Rosa from Palermo

The trip from Palermo to Varese, has not been easy, but it was worth it. Finally the beautiful hair, soft and shiny, for a girl of 27 years and essential to feel comfortable with peers


danke für die schönen haare und die geniale beratung.

Luca from Vicenza

Hello Paolo, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, now you have changed my life

Carola aus dem Rheingebiet

Durch eine Bekannte habe ich von Dir erfahren. Ich bin leider schon seit vielen Jahren auf ein Haarteil angewiesen, und merke sofort wenn jemand einfach nur sein Produkt verkaufen will, oder wirklich kompetent ist, und ihm das Wohl des Kunden am Herzen liegt. Bei Dir habe ich mich sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Diese delikaten Systeme sind optisch nicht zu toppen und die Haarqualität ist einfach unglaublich gut. Sie fallen wie früher meine eigenen Haare. Ich fühle mich wieder schön. Danke für alles Anja.

Daniele, Musician

The best decision of my life, for me that the image is paramount, have solved the problem of hair loss has given me total confidence

Daniela from Sicily

Finally after years of suffering past to wear wigs, I have again the feeling to get my natural hair, I can go to the gym, to the sea, without fear that it will lose the wig from his head

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