Hair replacement system company

Hair replacement system company

Hair replacement system company: our solutions allow you to solve the aesthetic problems due to hair loss, with efficient and customized treatments. Therefore, we propose several systems and materials designed and built specifically for that personal problem, going to fit completely on the person in order to have a natural and lasting final result that meets the initial expectations.

The care of the details is essential for the construction of a hair prosthesis and it is this that allows to obtain a maximum level aesthetic result. For this we give the utmost importance to the initial consultation, which is the prerequisite for the realization of the right cast, the selection of the correct parameters and all of the most suitable anchoring techniques, just as it is essential to establish from the outset the type of hair that you will use for the customer life style.

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Hair replacement system company

Hair replacement system company

Hair replacement system company


Our story

We are a young, dynamic and recognized company that specializes in the next generation of hair prosthetics and systems.

The experience gained in the use of new materials and the latest technology now allows us to achieve exceptional aesthetic results, among the best in the industry. Our mission is to sell the best hair replacement systems on the market at a price accessible to all, providing pre- and post-sales services completely customized to ensure a constant assistance.

Our team works in view of social function: we welcome requests for supply and manufacturing operations partially or totally free, for individuals with deficient budgets.

protesi capelli HRS
Mr Paolo Gentile founded in 2003 Hair Replacement System, afterwards HRS Shop and Capelli all complementary services operating in Italy and around the world for helping those who have hair loss problm and want to look and feel beautiful with new hair.

Hair Replacement System is a company specialized in the production of advanced hair systems.

HRS Shop is one of the most furnished online stores in Europe, carring a wide range of attachment products, wigs and hair piece options, head coverings, hair care products and much more.

Capelli deals with finding the best virgin hairs in the world.

protesi capelli HRS

For about 20 years I looked for an effective solution to hair loss, anxiety problem that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

In 1997 I started working in the Internet services sector: knowledge and use of this channel enabled me to acquire global informations about possible solutions to the problem of hair loss. For many years I have observed the results obtained with the way pharmacology, the autograft and the prosthesis. About 15 years ago, visiting some sites of baldness, I’ve seen pictures of denture wearers who showed an excellent result. Encouraged by the positive experiences of the first Italian carriers of these new, thin and transparent prosthesis (so undetectable to the touch), I decided to test this solution thoroughly.
I took a long vacation from what was my previous job, and for some months I have done nothing but search, order and test dozens of production companies products. The difficulties encountered in this process have ripened me the belief that there was the need for serious, qualified and dedicated team of professionals trained specially in providing new hair prosthesis. So I made a job and a mission, in order to offer, working in total legality, the best hair thickening system at a fair price, without taking advantage of others’ suffering and pain.

The choice of the bases (film, silicone or polyurethane, retina, lace or monofilament, normal or ultra-thin, combined or not) is closely related to the objective and subjective choices.
Offering competitive prices, I personally treaty (cast, parameters and initial installation) so many customers in Italy and Germany to acquire experience in these new materials (thin, transparent, aesthetically extraordinary, almost unknown to traditional companies) that are usually difficult to beat.
I educateded a professionally trained hair loss team of experts in the field, able to offer a custom-tailored construction of hair systems, hight-quality maintainance, always providing the best virgin hairs from available from around the world and customization services (application, cutting, coloring).

We do not pretend to serve all hair system users. However, we are sure to have all skills necessary to provide the best systems in the world, solving the most varied problems and helping many people bring back their confidence. This is our goal

From what I understand, there is no other company in addition to our offering our hight-level services and wide-range choice of virgin European hair. After more than 10 years in the field of new generation hair systems, HRS is one of the most competitive company for quality and prices.

It is true that you can spend less, relying on those who work virtually (no offices, no employees), but there is nothing more certain than what you can see live with yuor own eyes and touch with your own hands.

Let us show you the high-quality variety of options available in our centre, we take the time to answer to your question and find the better solution for a more comfortable, natural you.

Solve now your aesthetics hair problem get in touch with the HRS centre next to you
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