Non-surgical Hair Replacement

HRS solutions for men and women

Non-surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical Hair Replacement: our solutions allow you to solve the aesthetic problems due to hair loss, with efficient and customized treatments. Therefore, we propose several systems and materials designed and built specifically for that personal problem, going to fit completely on the person in order to have a natural and lasting final result that meets the initial expectations.

The care of the details is essential for the construction of a hair prosthesis and it is this that allows to obtain a maximum level aesthetic result. For this we give the utmost importance to the initial consultation, which is the prerequisite for the realization of the right cast, the selection of the correct parameters and all of the most suitable anchoring techniques, just as it is essential to establish from the outset the type of hair that you will use for the customer life style.

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Every person has its own characteristics and problems that need custom solutions. In our HRS Centres we will carefully customize your new hair system to your individual appearance, ensuring a truly natural look.

The final results are appreciated by all those who have chosen our thickening systems: we always proudly exceed initial expectations of men and women, young and old.

HRS Protesi Ultra Traspirante

La protesi in pellicola più traspirante al mondo

La protesi capelli ultra traspirante HRS è una sensazionale novità per chi ha problemi di perdita di capelli. Fino a 100 volte più traspirante delle normali protesi in pellicola. Non è soltanto la protesi in pellicola più traspirante al mondo è anche tra quelle con il frontale più naturale.

Nel video che abbiamo realizzato ti dimostriamo la straordinaria traspirazione della protesi capelli in modo semplice. Utilizzando un normale asciugacapelli, l’aria passa perfettamente attraverso l’impianto. Prova anche tu a fare lo stesso con la tua protesi in pellicola. Vedrai che il risultato non è neanche lontanamente simile al nostro! Rispetto alle comuni protesi in pellicola, infatti, la nostra soluzione HRS permette:

  • maggiore comodità
  • migliore traspirazione, fino a 100 volte in più
  • un look assolutamente naturale

HRS Ultra Dermo new

Some years ago we put on market the Ultra Dermo: base with injected hair into ultra-thin polyurethane.

After developing several prototypes, at the beginning of 2016 we were able to perfect this hair system, further reducing the thickness and improving the technique of injection workmanship.

As hair can be used treated hair, remy hair or selected European virgin.

HRS Dermo

Invisible hair system

Realized in 2004, it was the most thin and transparent polyurethane base with single and direct injection of the hair. The main feature of this system is its extraordinary subtlety accompanied by an excellent wear resistance. Systems of similar thickness, or slightly thicker, generally have a life of about a month and a half, the Dermo can come up to more than six months before needing to be replaced.

The processing technique of these systems must be very accurate and precise inasmuch the obvious difficulty to place the hair in a membrane so thin without breaking it and in order to provide sufficient tensile strength, when applied on the head.
As in any other industry, there are alternative companies that produce hair systems, transparent and injected, apparently similar but actually very different in quality.
The thinner the base, the more subtle it looks, impalpable and lightweight. So those who choose HRS Dermo feel the same natural feeling they had with their own hair.

HRS American Dermo

Micro knotted on the base of poly

It is a Hair Replacement system formed by a thin base of polyurethane: one of the best value for aesthetics and durability.

The hair, beautiful remy hair recommended, are micro knotted on the base of poly, which retains its natural transparency.


It is a hair replacement system with the base layer of transparent polyurethane, thin on average that allows to see your own scalp.

The main feature is that the hair is injected one by one into the base, so there are no visible knots or knots to be bleached. Beautiful hair like Remy hair, European or European virgin selected, simulate the natural effect of the scalp.

You can combine the Ibase with a Lace 18 or Lace 64 Front.

HRS Skin e Ultra Skin

HRS Skin
An ultra-thin polyurethane film (0.02/0.04 mm) to the advantage of a better transparency and subtlety but at the expense of durability.

HRS Ultra Skin
The base is formed from a ultra-thin polyurethane film (0.02 mm) to the advantage of greater transparency and subtlety but at the expense of durability.

The natural effect is guaranteed over time.

Customized hair systems

HRS Skin – HRS Net Poli Lace – HRS Base Lace – HRS Dermo Net

We can combine at will all the materials to meet specific needs (more subtlety, more breathability, more naturalness, more volume, more strength, more breathability, etc.).

With the experience gained over the years and are constantly looking for innovative solutions, we can offer a wide choice of thickening systems nonsurgical suitable for any kind of problem.

What we offer is a totally personalized treatment, can lead to regain the safety and pleasure of the perfect natural hair, every day and in every situation.

An invisible hairline with highest level of water resistance

Effective solutions for our costumers’ satisfaction

Let us show you the high-quality variety of options available in our centre, we take the time to answer to your question and find the better solution for a more comfortable, natural you.

Solve now your aesthetics hair problem get in touch with the HRS centre next to you
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