Instant hair thickening

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Instant hair thickening

Instant hair thickening

Instant hair thickening: our solutions allow you to solve the aesthetic problems due to hair loss, with efficient and customized treatments. Therefore, we propose several systems and materials designed and built specifically for that personal problem, going to fit completely on the person in order to have a natural and lasting final result that meets the initial expectations.

The care of the details is essential for the construction of a hair prosthesis and it is this that allows to obtain a maximum level aesthetic result. For this we give the utmost importance to the initial consultation, which is the prerequisite for the realization of the right cast, the selection of the correct parameters and all of the most suitable anchoring techniques, just as it is essential to establish from the outset the type of hair that you will use for the customer life style.

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Instant hair thickening

Instant hair thickening

Instant hair thickening

If you’re looking for an answer to your hair loss, here’s our instant hair thickening product range.

There are many different solutions, natural and synthetic, for solving the hair thickening problems from the aesthetic point of view: thanks to these, men and women can highly reduce the thinning hair and hide the bald spots in any situation.

HRS provides the best products designed for both men and women suffering from thinning hair, alopecia and other hair loss problems: perfect and versatile solutions that are as good on their own or combined with other products, usefull in the every day life.

If you have small bald areas or areas of thinning hair or wish to get more volume to your look, no matter how old you are, which is your hair type or color: these products are effective for all and work as a complete range for all aspects of instant hair thickening, scalp problems, hair loss prevention and so on.

Easy to use, economical and really professional: HRS offers only the highest-quality solutions for all your needs by choosing the best worldwide partners.

Hair Thickeners & Instant Hair Thickening Products

HRS is the official Italian distributor for Maxi Professional

Founded in 2007, Maxi Professional provides a complete range of instant hair thickeners developed through years of worldwide hair loss knowledge and experience. The complete range covers all aspects of instant hair thickening and products have been designed to work equally as well together or on there own.

Top quality ingredients used to make top quality products, in order to guarantee the best results for hair thickening problems, scalp treatments and hair loss prevention treatments.

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A handy, easy to use instant hair thickener spray that produces a hair thickening mist to instantly thicken up your thinning area of hair. The hair thickener sprays use all natural ingredients, and have been thoroughly tried and tested for cosmetic use.

MaxiThick hair thickener is suitable for men and women, for almost all hair loss problems and hair thinning worries. MaxiThick hair thickener comes in a variety of colours to match you hair and thicken your thinning hair perfectly.

Colours available: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Grey.

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This innovative new hair loss concealer has been designed to eliminate the flaws of many other products on the market today. It comes in a handy easy to use stick application, a first for this kind of product.
Maxi Stick is therefore both non messy and incredibly accurate so you can apply to exactly the right area whether this be the crown, sides or anywhere, not only does this avoid wastage and use of too much product but also means you get the perfect application each time every time.

Colours available: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black.

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A breakthrough in cosmetic hair thickening products, made of pure organic protein similar to your own hair offering instant results for both men and women and for all types of hair loss and thinning hair. Ultra easy, non messy and unbelievably quick application. Completely undetectable and resistent to wind, rain and perspiration.

Colours available: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Grey, Blonde, Medium Blonde, Auburn.

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An instant hair loss, hair thickening topical shading product trusted and recommended by trichologists and hair restoration professionals all over the world. Its recommended for all types of hair loss, hair thickening or scalp concealing, whether it be male pattern baldness or alopecia. It is safe to be used with hair transplants, it will not affect the growth of your hair and can also be used alongside hair systems and hair growth products.

Colours available: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black.

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Maxi fixing spray is a fine mist developed to increase the bond between microfibers and your thinning hair. Unlike ordinary hair sprays, this formula uses sophisticated ingredients to hold the fibers in place.

You can even brush the hair lightly after the spray has dried for a softer style with ample fiber holding power. The product settles evenly over your hair without making it heavy, helping the microfibers to bond further to your hair and adding shine.

Shine and Hold – This new formula Maxi Fixing Spray can also be used to hold your new look hair style in place or add extra shine and sheen to the hair.
Maxi Fixing Spray is supplied in a 100ml spray bottle.

Let us show you the high-quality variety of options available in our centre, we take the time to answer to your question and find the better solution for a more comfortable, natural you.

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