Hair system products

Prosthesis Hair for man and woman


HRS Skins
HRS Base
HRS Dermo
HRS Dermo Net
HRS Net Poli Lace


Prosthesis Hair Lace 64
Prosthesis Hair Lace 18
Genesis capillary prosthesis
Dermo Evolutions capillary prosthesis
Hair SYSTEM Dermo 2010
Dynamic Hair Thickening
Thickening Hair Instant Volume


HRS AUT adhesive systems, ultra-thin and breathable
Classic double-sided adhesives
Double-sided adhesive or bonding tape
Double sided water-based adhesives
Solvent-based adhesives

Finally an aesthetic solution to hair loss

Hair loss? From the aesthetic point of view, we can solve effectively any problem
Now you can buy in a simple, fast and economical way the best non-surgical hair replacement systems available on the market. With our solutions you can lead a normal life: getting sports, taking a shower, going to the beach, just like you would with your own natural hair.

The products we offer are of the thickening custom non-surgical hair systems: they have totally different characteristics from conventional wigs or classic toupees because unlike these are able to provide aesthetically better appearance and more long lasting. With our customization work, each solution is perfectly adapted to the person’s physiognomy: in this way, the application allows to adhere completely to each prosthesis scalp of the wearer, without leaving any trace but rather giving a natural effect guaranteed.

They can also be defined: hair implants, hair prosthesis, contact Natural Hair systems nonsurgical hair, capillary systems.

We use European virgin hair, the only ones that retain their natural shine, softness and manageability over time.

protesi capelli HRS

Hair Solutions for men and women, 100% customized

In these videos you can see how we use the HRS solutions according to the specific needs of each person.

Watch our video and follow HRS channel on YouTube

Let us show you the high-quality variety of options available in our centre, we take the time to answer to your question and find the better solution for a more comfortable, natural you.

Solve now your aesthetics hair problem get in touch with the HRS centre next to you

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