Hair systems care and maintenance products

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We offer the best products to carry out the maintenance of all the hair implants, capillary prosthesis, natural hair prosthesis, injected hair.

With our products you will reduce and simplify all operations. Some of them are fundamental to keep in optimal conditions the plant base and the hair lengthening the life.

Double-sided Hair tape for hair prosthesis

In this section we show the characteristics of the main double-sided adhesive hair prosthesis used for attachment.

Double sided adhesive for hair prosthesis can be classified as follows:

Double-sided adhesive tape pro or bonding tape

Formed by layered glue, are available in different types of bonding tapes roll  and many different versions of precut double-sided adhesives

Double-sided adhesive tape for particular hair

Duo tac e duo tac thin
unique in its kind, has two different seals on the sides that make it up:
-a lighter to be placed on the implant film, so as to facilitate the removal of far

-a stronger to be applied to the skin, where we have the action of sweating

Extra tape mini ed Extra tape long

one of the double-sided adhesive tape with more strong hold, having the distinction of being perforated for greater breathability

Water-based adhesives

They are white adhesives very fluid and easy to apply, kept liquid water, generally very well tolerated and mostly acrylic-based.
Can be applied in multi-layer or thinner layers, 2 or 3 on the skin (up to 4), 1 or 2 on the system, sequential (so each layer to dry before applying the next one).

The layer is ready when the white adhesive becomes transparent, practically evaporates the water and remains the sticky substance at which point you can apply the next layer. To speed up the drying operation we can assist you with the hair dryer.

Thanks to the multilayer, the water-based adhesive creates barriers against the action of perspiration so you can get excellent seals, comparable to those of the double-sided adhesive and liquid adhesives in solvent tougher.

Solvent-based adhesives

They are transparent stickers less fluid than water-based, liquid retained in the solvent, to apply only on the basis of the plant.

Generally they apply to mono-layer and left to dry to evaporate the solvent (which may cause irritation if it comes in direct skin contact); the component that remains after the evaporation is in the vast majority of the acrylic cases.

Generally longer guarantee good sealing of water-based adhesives and less easily return to the liquid state.

The application can go with greater difficulties because of the greater consistency (some are particularly filamentous) and the removal can be more difficult.

Prosthetic adhesives for particular hair types

One of the most special is the Dura Bond No shinethis adhesive has excellent flow characteristics and to be opaque, which is essential when used on hair implants in Lace or retina.

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